Forehead Lifting and Brow Lifting

Falling eyebrows and wrinkling of the forehead are the first signs of ageing and are developments that ruin the youthful appearance of the skin aesthetically. Low eyebrows and a wrinkled forehead that give a tired expression to the face that means it can affect a person's social life. Forehead lift surgery is an application to remove the eyebrows that fall with advancing age and the wrinkles that occur in the forehead area as a result. It aims to giving more vivid expression to the face.

Estella Estetik | Forehead Lifting and Brow Lifting

How to perform the operation of forehead lifting ?

The forehead operation performs in the theatre by surgeon. It uses general anaesthesia to perform it. Besides, the patients initially examine by anaesthetist.  Forehead lifting is the operation that has been made with incisions which take place inner side of hairy skin. This method also prefers to repelling the surgery scars post operation. In the next step, the excessive skin takes out and weakens the muscles that cause the wrinkles. The success rate is high and frequently practices by surgeons.

How long it takes the forehead operation?

Approximately, it takes 1 or 1,5 hours.


How recovery process works?

Post-op of forehead lifting, particularly, it may slight pains, bruises or swelling in first 3-4 days. Your surgeon will balance this pains with painkillers. After 4th days of your operation, you able to going back to your job by applying the dressings and controls, you can turn back to your social life.

How to carries out of brow lifting aesthetic ?

Most commonly implementations are thread lifting and botox brow lifting on the aesthetic of brow lifting. It decides how the method will be exercising after the surgeon analyses the reason, dimension of distortion on the brow, the condition of brow and ultimately the patient's age. It does in theatre by using local anaesthesia or general. It takes averagely one hour to carry out. The individuals discharge within that day and they could turn back to the job within 3-4 days.

Estella Estetik | Forehead Lifting and Brow Lifting  Why is it so preferred?


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Estella Estetik | Forehead Lifting and Brow Lifting  Why is it so preferred?

Is it sufficient to carrying out only the brow lifting?

It relies on the patient's age and expectations. For middle age patient group, it could be enough to determine the young and dynamic appearance. Yet, it could be such beneficial to combining the brow lift operation with forehead lift, eyelid and supraorbital aesthetic operations on the advanced ages.

How much it needs to be lifted on the operation of brow lifting surgery?

It goals to giving attractive shape to capturing compatibility with your face on the operation of brow lifting. Before the patient receives operation, the surgeon decides the operation how it is going to be managed by demonstrating of aesthetic outcomes during the examination. If it s a risk to taking you away from natural look , it expresses by surgeon .

What sort of differences between brow lifting and forehead lifting?

Due to the reason of ageing, the forehead lifting surgery mainly operates to giving vivid appearance towards forehead area by wiping out the lines that form on forehead. Generally , the operation performs entirely to removing the wrinkles and the lines that could be observe people above forties.

What needs to be paid attention to pre-operation of the forehead?

Avoiding to use of blood-clothing medicines such as ( aspirin, coraspin ) and vitamins supplements, herbal teas one week before of the surgery.


Are the brows replaced on the operation of forehead lifting surgery?

The brows replaces on the operation of forehead lifting surgery. Especially, the brows side which are closing to the ears that lift up upwards in order to adopting charming look. The forehead operation differentiates based on women and men, it essential to holding still the shape on the men. In forehead lift surgery, the shape of the eyebrows could be change, but it is necessary not to raise the area above the nose where the two eyebrows look at each other, otherwise it may cause a confused expression.

Procedure Summary

Procedure time : 1- 1,5 hours
Anaesthesia : General anaesthesia- Local anaesthesia
Hospitalisation :   3-4 hours
Turning back to job : 3-4 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Not specifically implied but, of course, the patient has to protect from damages or the patient who smokes need to stay away for a while.

The structures of brows indicate differences based on the sexes. In the women this could be curvy on the opposite, the men have straight. The brows are being engaged with harmony on the aspects and distinctive proportions with eyes and nose. Whether structural or ageing, the brows which are droopy give a fatigue and sad appearance. While the brows gain a dynamic appearance by bringing to the normal shape and angles, it also revealing the eyes are being more vivid and attractive.

As in classical forehead lift surgeries, it can be applied by making a smaller incision made from the skin or it can be performed over the entire muscle  by entering through the upper eyelid. It depends on the method of under general or local anaesthesia, the permanency, whether the scar will be remained or not, the success of being adopted the brows shape which desired could be changed. The method selection could be determined according to the experiences on the technics of the surgeon whether it will be applied( eyelid operation, face lift, forehead lift, etc. ) or not. On the operation of eyelid which is being made by entering over muscle and eyelid will leave almost no scar in compared of classic technics, yet, the permanency duration is least than the classic technic.

Yes, it could be given desired look to the brows. Eyelids compatible with the face and the beginning of the eyebrow, where the boundaries of the scalp are determined, that is the beginning of the eyebrows between the two noses facing each other and the protrusions on the side facing the ears are calculated. Of course , it is also important to obtaining the patient's opinion , sometimes the patient wishing to do straight or lifted brow or sometimes , they willing to do strict eyebrow structure.

It is not as successful as surgical interventions, but, if the patient seeks non surgical procedures, they can obtain fairly result by implementing the fillers and botulinum toxin or device procedures on their faces. The permanent solution is aesthetic surgery even though the other procedures give fair difference.

It could be achieve either endoscopically or on the edge of where the forehead fuses hair. Usually, it could stand not distinct scar , but it differs body to body. The main reason of the forehead aesthetic which is made inner side of hairy to masking the scar, if the scar heals bad.

After the operation, the bandages could be stand within 1 or 3 days, repeatedly , it would be suitable to dividing at least 1 week to turn back to the job.

It could form new scar repeatedly and the transplantation would be made over the scar.

The forehead aesthetic would be made under local anaesthesia or general but most commonly the general anaesthesia is the prior method to preferred.

No restrictions. If there is no health problem, two type of condition need to be exercised first, it is must to be adult, second, it need to be completed the adolescence. On the other hand, whether the operation will be performed or not, the deepness of current problem decides how it is going to be performed. For instance, person is on fifties with no wrinkles or least wrinkles, so, there is no necessity for forehead aesthetic. But, the deep lines have been formed in order to used a lot the mimics on thirties, it indicates of operation need to be added.

Post surgical intervention of forehead aesthetic causes more natural appearance thanks to the entire wrinkles will not be blocked. The fact that the remained part of the face will wear out even the thin wrinkles , deformities , for that reason , generally it should be planned compatible with the face expressions.

Generally, It may combines these two operations. It rarely operates independently. It could carry out the temporal lifting but if the forehead lifting operates as well, the temporal lifting is must to be added on.

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