Chin Aesthetic

Chin aesthetics is the name given to the aesthetic arrangement of congenital or acquired chin problems (small or large chin, recessed chin, protruding chin, etc.) with surgery, prosthesis or filling applications.

Jaw Aesthetic Surgery

These surgeries are performed to provide a younger appearance, facial aesthetics, proportion, and to treat congenital jaw structure disorder. Common problems;

Forward chin, The chin appears to be small and adjacent to the neck, Chin back, Jaw tip is very small and in the form of dots, These are problems such as the chin tip being pointed and long. These problems are solved with chin aesthetic surgery.

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How Are Operations Performed?

First of all, the patient is examined and the problem in the jaw is determined. It is determined what kind of chin revision will be made and what kind of chin structure will fit the patient's face type. Then, it is determined which technique and what kind of operation will be performed, and anesthesia is applied to the patient on the day of surgery according to these determinations. These anesthetics are determined as general anesthesia or local anesthesia according to the size of the surgery. Surgery begins by making an incision under the chin and inside the mouth in the shapes determined by the surgeon. The operation is performed according to the determined type of surgery. The incisions are closed and the operation is terminated.

What are the Types of Jaw Aesthetics Surgery?

Jaw Aesthetics is of 5 types. These;

Jaw surgery (Performed under general anesthesia), Chin tip Aesthetics, Jaw Fat injection, Chin filing, Non-surgical jaw operation

What Happens After the Surgery?

After the operation in question, it is necessary to use bandages and dressings for a while. Side effects such as swelling, bruising and edema may spread to the neck and cheek areas in sensitive skin, depending on the chin area. But these effects disappear within 10 days.

Estella Estetik | Chin Aesthetic Why is it so preferred?


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Estella Estetik | Chin Aesthetic Why is it so preferred?

Before and After Surgery

Before the operation: Before the operation in question, after examining your doctor and finding out whether you are suitable for this procedure, you should prepare for the day of surgery in line with your physician's recommendations. These preparations are preparations in the form of quitting the use of tobacco products for a while and not drinking anticoagulant drugs. The purpose of all these is important for a successful surgery. In addition, they are factors that are effective in the healing process.

Postoperative: The postoperative period is critical as in all surgical procedures. For this reason, the patient is kept under observation by being hospitalized for 2-3 days after the operation. This process and the following periods are important for the patient's daily life for the surgical site to heal quickly and not be infected. After the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of pain relievers and other drugs if necessary, and to ensure hygiene. With the removal of the stitches and the healing of the first swellings and bruises, the actual healing process begins and the new chin image gradually becomes natural and the tissues begin to heal, and doctor control is important in this process.

Is the operation in question a permanent solution?

Of course, it is a permanent solution, because it is impossible for the rasped or implanted chin to grow or shrink again.

Is diet important?

As in lip aesthetics, the type of nutrition is important after chin aesthetic surgery. Because chewing movements that will tire the jaw create a devastating effect after this surgery and hurt you. Therefore, after the operation, warm and nutritious foods should be consumed with the help of a straw. Chewing gum and sugar should not be chewed, excessive mimic and smile movements should be avoided.

What to expect?

Since these operations are the process of emphasizing, filling or filing the chin in order to provide the proportion on the face, the operation is performed by predicting the most suitable shape for the face type. For this reason, a proportional and natural appearance is obtained as it should be after the operation.

Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 1 - 3 Hours
Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 – 2 Days
Time to Return to Work: 1 – 2 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices of the said surgeries vary according to the type of surgery, the procedures to be performed, and the materials used in the surgery. For this reason, there is no net figure determined separately for each type of surgery. For the most reliable information on this subject, you should have a preliminary examination with your doctor.

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