Bichectomy / Buccal Fat Removal

A slender face with clear lines is part of the ideal appearance for most people. Sometimes the face and cheek structure can cause the person to appear overweight, even if they are at the ideal weight. With bichectomy surgery, it is possible to shape the face by removing the excess fat tissue in the cheek area, without any visible traces from the outside.

Bichectomy refers to the removal of excess fat on the cheeks to clarify the cheekbones and make the facial features more proportionate.

In order to give the face a more attractive and proportional appearance, fat is removed from the mouth and the full and overweight appearance that bothers the patient is eliminated. This facial aesthetic operation, also called Hollywood cheek because it is preferred by Hollywood stars, provides a thin and youthful appearance by revealing the cheekbones and making the face look thinner

Estella Estetik | Bichectomy / Buccal Fat Removal

How is bichectomy, cheek thinning aesthetics performed?

In bichectomy, that is, cheek thinning aesthetics, the fat in this area is reached with an incision of approximately 1 cm and approximately 40-50% of the fat is removed.

How Long Does Bichectomy Surgery Take? Is a bichectomy a painful operation?

This operation, which is very simple and painless, takes about 45 minutes. It can be done under local, sedation or general anesthesia.

Who Can Have Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is applied to people who have a large amount of fat on their cheeks and therefore have unclear facial features, whose face looks bulky, and who have thick and square facial features.

Estella Estetik | Bichectomy / Buccal Fat Removal Why is it so preferred?


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Estella Estetik | Bichectomy / Buccal Fat Removal Why is it so preferred?

How to choose your surgeon?

Choosing a doctor is one of the most important issues in the removal of fat from the cheeks. In the liposuction process, it is very important where the fat is taken from on the cheek, how much it is taken, and if filling is required afterwards, in what amount and where it is applied. In order to give the face a V shape, the total facial features should be evaluated by an experienced plastic surgeon

Pre-Surgery Considerations

Since there are small stitches in the mouth after the surgery, solid food should not be consumed on the first day. On the first day of the surgery, the patient may have difficulty in chewing, and chewing may damage the sutures. After being fed with liquid foods on the first day, light solid foods can be started from the second day and then solid food can be started. Mouthwash should be used for three days after surgery. Stitches are hardly felt after cheek surgery. Care should be taken to clean the mouth to avoid infection. In a few days, the stitches on the cheeks melt and disappear. All the tenderness in the cheeks also ends.

Most of the patients can return to their social lives immediately after the operation. The clear results of the operation will appear in three weeks.

Edema and Swelling After Bichectomy

After cheek aesthetics, it is normal to experience some edema and swelling around the operation area, which lasts for 2-3 weeks. With ice packs, swelling and edema are kept to a minimum.

What Are the Risks Related to Bichectomy Surgery?

Bichectomy is generally a risk-free, short-term, simple procedure with satisfactory results. The probability of complications is very low. As in every operation, it is very important for the surgeon to have a good grasp of the anatomy of the region. If it is not entered from the correct point, damage such as tissue trauma and bleeding may occur while trying to find the bichat fat pad.

Procedure Summary

Processing Time:30 – 60 Minutes
Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 Hour
Time to Return to Work: 1 day

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has thick, square or round facial features due to the fat in the cheek area can easily have this procedure done. It is recommended that people who are not overweight but have lubrication in the cheek area should have a bichectomy in order to have proportional and aesthetic facial features.

For this operation, which has become quite common in our country in recent years, it is recommended that patients be older than 20-25 years of age. From these ages, the adipose tissue on the cheeks becomes more permanent. Therefore, cheek fat removal should not be considered before the end of adolescence.

Although this procedure is mostly requested by women, it is also applied to male patients. Since the bone and fat structure of male patients are different, less fat is removed when the procedure is performed on men.

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