Snoring Prosthesis

Snore; It can be defined as the noisy sound caused by the tissues vibrating with breathing during sleep as a result of partial or complete closure of the airway by moving tissues such as uvula, tongue root and soft palate. Snoring is not a disease or health problem in itself, but rather a result or symptom. There are many different factors that can cause snoring, if snoring is not treated and progresses, it can turn into a sleep apnea problem, which is characterized by cessation of breathing during sleep and a sudden rising snoring sound. Sleep apnea; It is classified as a chronic, life-threatening disease that requires immediate treatment. Many different approaches can be applied simultaneously within the scope of snoring treatment. Treatment options determined according to the cause of snoring are offered to patients. Thus, you have the chance to get rid of snoring and complaints caused by snoring.

Estella Estetik | Snoring Prosthesis

Snoring Prostheses in Snoring Treatment

Snoring prostheses that allow the airway to expand during breathing by keeping the lower jaw forward and down can be defined as plate prostheses attached to the lower and upper jaws. Snoring prostheses, which are among the simplest treatments for snoring, are a treatment method that reduces the effect of intraoral anatomy anomalies.

The reasons for snoring and the extent of snoring of our patients who applied to Clinica Estrella for snoring problem are evaluated. Afterwards, measurements and analyzes are made and the snoring prosthesis is prepared. While preparing the snoring prosthesis, snoring prostheses are designed specifically for the patient, based on the results of clinical and radiological analyzes.

Benefits of Snoring Prosthesis Treatment

One of the most important advantages of snoring prosthesis treatment is that it can treat the snoring problem quickly and eliminate the need for surgical operation.

Snoring prostheses are a treatment option that increases the comfort of patients economically as well as giving fast results.

Snoring prostheses are produced for the patient according to the results of the measurements. Therefore, it is used comfortably and does not reduce the sleep comfort of the patients.

If snoring prostheses are used regularly, patients feel the change in about 3 weeks. Since the snoring problem indicates a breathing problem and reduces the quality of sleep, the side effects caused by snoring are avoided thanks to snoring prostheses.

As Clinicas Estrella, we try to eliminate the negative effects of snoring, both in terms of health and psychology. We first determine the causes of snoring, and then we produce special snoring prostheses for our patients in order to reduce the problems that our patients may experience in their private lives and to help increase their sleep quality.


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