Dental Prostheses

Due to neglect of oral care, long-term drug use, nutritional mistakes, processes that change vitamin absorption such as pregnancy, and genetic factors, the natural tooth structure may deteriorate and teeth may be missing. dental prostheses; These are artificial tooth applications prepared for the person by using artificial materials in order to protect tissue health, end aesthetic concerns and increase the comfort of patients. Dental prostheses can be applied with different methods, taking into account the patient's tooth structure. Removable prosthesis, fixed prosthesis, total prosthesis, prosthesis on implant, precision attachment prosthesis and partial prosthesis; It is among the prosthetic applications. As Clinicas Estrella, we apply special dental prosthesis treatments to our patients who want to get rid of the problems caused by their missing or impaired teeth. We protect our patients' chewing and speaking functions, and eliminate their facial aesthetic concerns due to missing teeth.

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Dental Prosthesis Applications

Fixed Prosthesis Applications: It is the process of completing the teeth with excessive material loss or loss by using materials that are compatible with their texture and color. While applying fixed prostheses, first anesthesia is given and the tooth is reduced. Then, bridge or crown applications are performed. Fixed prostheses cannot be removed and fitted by the patient.

Removable Prosthesis Applications: Appliances that can be attached and removed by the patient and replace missing teeth are called removable prostheses. There are different types of removable dentures as total dentures, overdentures and partial dentures. Which of the removable prosthesis applications will be performed is determined in line with the needs and expectations of the patient.

Total Prosthesis Applications: Prosthesis applications, known as "dentures" among the people, are total prosthesis applications. If there are no natural teeth left in the patient's mouth and the patient's jawbones are not suitable for implant surgery, total prosthesis applications come to the fore.

Partial Dentures: If the patient's natural teeth are still, partial dentures are applied if the missing teeth in the mouth are partial. Partial dentures made of one-piece casting or acrylic are attached to the jawbone with apparatus such as nails or hooks.

Implant Prostheses: Implant prostheses that can be placed either as removable or fixed meet the stability needs of patients. Implant-supported prostheses, which have a visually complementary effect, are designed considering the smile aesthetics of the person.

Precision Retainer Dentures: Precision retainer prostheses, in which the prostheses are not attached to the jawbone with retainers, thus do not harm the aesthetic appearance of the patients, are preferred for patients who have a certain degree of tooth loss.

As Clinicas Estrella, we aim to improve our patients' chewing functions and preserve their aesthetic appearance with dental prosthesis applications. In line with the expectations and oral health of our patients, we determine the most suitable prosthesis application method for them and ensure that they meet with solutions that are compatible with their faces.


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Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia – General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 day
Time to Return to Work: 4 days

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