Dental Filling Applications

Applications performed for the purpose of removing the tissues that impair the function and structural integrity of the tooth, such as abrasions and caries, from the tooth, replacing the removed tissues with special materials to improve tooth functions and aesthetics are called “dental fillings”. Different materials can be used during filling applications that treat decaying, cracked, broken and worn teeth. Patients and doctors determine the filler to be used during the filling process. Today, with the importance of aesthetic appearance, aesthetic filling materials in the natural color of the tooth are often preferred.

Estella Estetik | Dental Filling Applications

How Is Filling Made?

During the filling process, the problem in the tooth is determined; If the filling is to be performed due to caries, first of all, the carious part of the tooth should be cleaned. Depending on the depth of the bruises, local anesthesia may be preferred during filling procedures, even local anesthesia may not be needed in very superficial bruises. When the caries is completely cleaned, the cavity in the tooth is filled with the selected filling material with the help of a special tool.

What are the Benefits of Dental Filling?

Tooth filling is an application that allows the removal of the worn and structurally defected part of the tooth and the strengthening of the tooth. Tooth filling, depending on the material selection, ends the aesthetic concerns of the person.

The permanence of filling applications is quite high. Depending on the type of filling material preferred and the importance given to oral care by the patients, it can be said that the fillings are permanent for a minimum of 5 years.

The aches and pains caused by bruises disappear with the filling process. Thus, the chewing capacity of the patients increases and their pain is prevented.

Filling procedures (temporary) prevent infection, especially when long-term treatments such as root canal treatment are required.

Tooth filling application helps to restore the functions of the teeth, to prevent the spread of caries and to prevent tooth loss.

If you feel sensitivity, decay and tissue loss in your teeth, do not neglect it! Thanks to the filling treatment completed in a short time, you can prevent tooth loss, stop the progression of caries, and beautify your smile thanks to aesthetic filling materials. You can contact us to take advantage of the privileged services we offer as Clinicas Estrella.

Which Materials Are Used in Tooth Filling?

When filling teeth, gold fillings, amalgam fillings, composite fillings or porcelain fillings can be used. The filling material is determined specifically for the patient and the patient's expectations are taken into account. The properties of each filling material are different. For example, gold fillings can be used for more than 20 years, but they are the most expensive choice. Likewise, amalgam fillings are highly resistant to abrasion, but do not offer an aesthetic solution. In recent years, composite fillings have started to be preferred more because of their natural appearance.

As Clinicas Estrella Clinic, we inform our patients about the filling materials and make the selection together during our filling procedures. We use the most advanced materials and apply the latest technologies for the satisfaction and health of our patients.

Estella Estetik | Dental Filling Applications Why is it so preferred?


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Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia – General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 day
Time to Return to Work: 4 days

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