Aesthetic Dentistry & Smile Design

It is aimed to increase the life comfort of patients with many different applications in the field of aesthetic dentistry, where both therapeutic options are offered to the patient and aesthetic concerns are eliminated. In aesthetic dentistry treatment processes, which include applications such as gingival shaping, tooth whitening, aesthetic smile design, inlay and onlay restorations, a patient-specific problem is detected first and then the treatment process is started with the methods determined specifically for the patient. Aesthetic dentistry aims to enable patients to perform functions such as speaking, chewing and laughing comfortably and confidently. Thanks to the field of aesthetic dentistry, which has come to the fore with the development of technology, patients can evaluate natural, functional, healthy and at the same time aesthetically pleasing treatment options. As Clinicas Estrella, we provide services with our expert staff in the field of aesthetic dentistry in order to make our patients feel good both physically and psychologically. With our aesthetic dentistry services, we aim for our patients to have natural teeth, not to have chewing problems, to smile with confidence and to be proud of their appearance. During the interviews we have with our patients, we learn about their expectations from aesthetic dentistry as well as their health problems; We plan personalized treatment processes with the information we have obtained regarding the gender, age, expectations, bone health and general health status of our patients.

Estella Estetik | Aesthetic Dentistry & Smile Design

Aesthetic Dentistry Practices

Aesthetic Dentistry treatments, which provide healthy, natural and aesthetically eye-catching results, may vary according to the problem experienced by the patients, as mentioned before. The most frequently applied treatments within the scope of aesthetic dentistry can be listed as follows:

Digital Smile Design, Laminate Veneers, E-max Crowns, Zirconium Crowns, Teeth whitening, Gummy Smile Treatment, Aesthetic Filling Applications, Bonding Applications.

As Clinicas Estrella, we offer multiple solutions that meet the dental aesthetic expectations of our patients. While improving the oral health of our patients with our aesthetic dentistry treatment methods, we remove the obstacles to their self-confident smiles. If you want to make a difference with your smile and improve your oral health, you can get service from Clinicas Estrella staff who are experts in their field.

Smile Design

A glamorous appearance with a personalized smile design… Different factors such as oral and dental health that have been damaged over time, the traces left by the drinks consumed on the teeth, gum diseases and the presence of crooked teeth can cast a shadow on the smile. Smile disorders, which can negatively affect people's social lives, can cause self-confidence deficiencies and make people unhappy. In such a case, in the light of technological and scientific studies, personalized smile designs can be realized in the expertise of aesthetic dentistry.

What is Personalized Smile Design?

Aesthetic dentistry applications performed to perfect the smile of the person by considering the face shape of the person, the proportions of the organs on the face, the lip structure, the length of the teeth, the gingival structure, the skin color of the person and their expectations are called "smile design". While designing the smile, the physical characteristics of the patients are taken into account in order to have a natural smile as well as their expectations.

As Clinicas Estrella, we create special smile designs for our patients who cannot smile comfortably, experience anxiety while smiling and try to hide their happiness. Within the scope of our smile design services, we aim to achieve excellent results by applying more than one procedure, when necessary, in line with the needs of our patients.

Estella Estetik | Aesthetic Dentistry & Smile Design Why is it so preferred?


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Estella Estetik | Aesthetic Dentistry & Smile Design Why is it so preferred?

How to Smile Design?

Although the smile design is made for aesthetic purposes, it can also have a functional quality in line with the needs of the patient. Before the smile design procedures are determined and the treatment is applied, the expectations of the patients should be clearly understood. In line with the wishes of the patients, the problems that harm the smile aesthetics are determined and procedures are applied to eliminate those problems. Although it varies from person to person, smile design applications that result in 2 – 15 days allow patients to make a happier and more confident start.

As Clinicas Estrella, we meet all expectations in the field of aesthetic dentistry with our personalized smile design services. We consider the expectations of our patients and apply all necessary procedures to improve their oral and dental health. If you want to have more confident and perfect smiles, you can contact us.

What Processes Does Smile Design Include?

The aesthetic requirements of the patients determine the procedures to be combined during the smile design. Aesthetic problems that cause patients to hide their smiles or not be able to smile comfortably in public are handled during smile design. Processes that can be applied during smile design; treatment of decayed teeth and gingival diseases, gingival aesthetic interventions, teeth whitening, implant, prosthesis, veneers and orthodontic treatments.

Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia – General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 day
Time to Return to Work: 4 days

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