Breast Asymmetry

In 80% of people, the sizes of the breasts are different from each other, regardless of male or female. Most people are not even aware of these asymmetries. In some women, this difference is so obvious that it is impossible not to notice. In many people, breast asymmetries cause discomfort to body beauty and aesthetics. Especially when it comes to different bra sizes on the breast, situations arise that disrupt self-confidence and affect the comfort of clothing and life. Breast asymmetry can also be found in men, and treatment can be planned for this condition.

Breast asymmetry can occur due to many reasons. Although the causes are innocent and can occur later, breast cancer, which is a much more serious cause, can also cause these changes. Benign fluid-filled cysts can also cause deformities in the breasts. Even if your mammogram is normal, you should also have an ultrasound to reveal the cause of breast asymmetry.

Estella Estetik | Breast Asymmetry

Apart from this, Breast Asymmetry;

The fact that both breasts do not shrink to the same size after breastfeeding ends during pregnancy. The fact that both breasts do not grow or decrease at the same rate after weight loss. The fact that the breast does not lose its volume in equal proportions due to ageing. Menstrual cycle or hormonal reasons. While breasts develop during puberty, one breast can develop faster and more than the other. There may be congenital asymmetries in the breasts.

Is There a Certain Age for Operation?

With exceptions, it is recommended to be operated after the age of 18 to complete breast development. Because breasts still continue to develop, their shape and size may change until a person reaches sexual maturity and the puberty period has passed.

However, this situation causes serious psychological problems in the person and if the asymmetry is too much, it is not necessary to wait for the age of 18 for the operation, and the operation can be performed before.

Before Breast Asymmetry Surgery

In order for the result of the surgery to be satisfactory, good planning is very important beforehand. The physician will choose the most appropriate method for the patient's skin structure and body. The patient's medications and diseases, etc. should tell his doctor. The surgery can be performed with general or local anaesthesia.

Estella Estetik | Breast Asymmetry Why is it so preferred?


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Estella Estetik | Breast Asymmetry Why is it so preferred?

How is Breast Asymmetry Surgery Performed?

Breast reshaping operations are shaped according to the structure and size of the breasts, the needs and wishes of the person. For this reason, there are several methods used. The doctor will decide which one is most suitable for the person. In order to correct the asymmetries, the size of the two breasts can be equalised by placing a prosthesis on the smaller breast. Or, breast reduction surgery can also be performed in order to equalise the very large breast to the other breast. In cases where the degree of asymmetry is not very different, it may be preferable to use fat cells taken from the person's own body instead of a prosthesis to correct the asymmetry. While the shape and size are equalised in breast asymmetry, inequalities in the nipple can also be corrected. In the operation, if too much tissue is not removed, there is usually no damage to the milk ducts.

After Asymmetric Breast Surgery

After the operation, 1 night of hospitalisation is sufficient. Healing will follow the same course as other breast surgeries applied for aesthetic purposes. In any case, it will be possible to return to light-paced work after 5-6 days. Correction of breast asymmetry will relieve the person psychologically and contribute to his self-confidence. In the first few weeks, heavy exercises should be avoided and short walks should be made.

On the first day of surgery, you will have pain that can be managed with painkillers. Afterwards, you can get rid of the pain in a mild way with the painkillers recommended by your doctor.

Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 12 hours
Anaesthesia: General Anaesthesia
Duration of Hospitalisation: 1 – 2 Days
Time to Return to Work: 7 – 10 days

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