Thigh (Leg) Lift Surgery

The area of the legs from the hip to the knee is called the thigh, and the fluctuations and sagging of the skin in this area are the most disturbing problems. With factors such as weight gain, giving birth, inactivity and aging, relaxation in this area accelerates. This surgery is applied to eliminate the problem of loosening and sagging of the skin in the thigh region due to excessive weight gain or advancing age.

Estella Estetik | Thigh (Leg) Lift Surgery

What Causes Thigh Sagging?

Loss of elasticity of the skin with advancing age, loss of skin tension with excessive weight gain and loss, thinning of the subcutaneous adipose tissue cause the skin of the legs to sag down, especially in the inner part of the thigh. Usually, clumps occur towards the middle of the thigh and sometimes towards the knee.

How Is Thigh Lift Performed?

With the thigh lift operation, the excess skin and fat on the upper and inner sides of the legs are removed. In thin patients with very little skin abundance, the excess skin is removed to leave a horizontal scar on the inner side of the groin and sutured by stretching. It is applied together with the liposuction method in patients with excess skin and lubrication.

Who Can Have Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery is an operation that is suitable for anyone with moderate and advanced laxity, abundance and excess skin in the leg skin.

In the group of patients treated for obesity, as the weight is lost and the fat tissue decreases, the thigh diameter also decreases.

Estella Estetik | Thigh (Leg) Lift Surgery Why is it so preferred?


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Estella Estetik | Thigh (Leg) Lift Surgery Why is it so preferred?

Factors to consider before thigh lift surgery

Some painkillers should be discontinued according to the doctor's control. Blood thinning herbal teas should not be taken until one week before the operation. If there are pills that are used continuously for health reasons, these should be reported to the physician.

Post-Surgery Considerations

*You can start walking after 1 week, but it is necessary to avoid heavy sports or physical activities for 4 weeks.

*It is recommended to stay away from smoking in order to accelerate the recovery period.

Healing Process

Intense pain is not felt after the surgery. You may have mild pain that can be controlled with painkillers. You can stand up on the same day and it is enough to stay in the hospital for 1 night. Following the surgery 2 . or you can take a bath on the 3rd day. After the thigh lift operation, slight bruising and swelling may be seen on the inner face of the leg. It is expected to pass completely after about a few weeks.  You can return to work life about one week after the operation.

What Are the Risks Related to Thigh Lift Surgery?

After all surgical operations, although very rarely, risks such as bleeding and delayed healing may occur. Thanks to the developing medical techniques, possible risks in thigh lift surgery have been minimized.

Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 2 – 3 Hours
Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 – 2 Days
Time to Return to Work: 1 – 2 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

General anesthesia is applied to the patient in thigh lift surgeries.

It is usually possible to start work one week after the surgery.

It is not possible to perform a permanent thigh lift with non-surgical aesthetic methods without surgical operation.

There are many devices or products on the market that promise in this regard. However, few of them and only very mild limp individuals who do not have a history of excessive weight gain and loss may work somewhat.

It is a surgery that can be applied to adults of all ages who have stabilized weight loss, do not have a risky medical condition, and have realistic goals for body shaping operation.

You can start doing sports one month after the surgery.

If excessive weight gain and loss and unhealthy living conditions are in question, it is possible to develop sagging of the leg skin again.

The operation can be planned in two separate stages for people who have accumulated too much fat in the thigh area. First, excess fat is removed with liposuction, then the sagging skin can be recovered with stretching operation and the surgery can be completed.

Suture scars during the operation are hidden under underwear and in body folds such as the groin. These traces fade over time and become indistinct.


With special creams or drugs, the skin can be tightened a little, but it is not possible to completely remove the sagging.

The results of thigh lift surgery are permanent, except for the following cases.

If you continue to lose weight, sagging pockets will continue to form in the skin.

If there is a possibility of rapid weight regain, the already thinned skin is subjected to further stretching and accordingly, skin cracks and large scars become visible.

Thigh lift surgeries should be performed by aesthetic and plastic surgeons.

Liposhaping means shaping with fat removal and fat removal. It will not be enough on its own to heal the skin that has lost its flexibility and sagging.

Extreme pain is not felt after thigh lift surgery. Pain that may occur in the first days can be eliminated with simple painkillers.

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The duration may vary depending on the patient's body condition. Thigh lift surgery is an application that usually takes between 2-3 hours.

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