Root Canal Treatment

No artificial teeth can replace natural teeth, even if they are produced with the highest quality materials. Therefore, root canal treatment is of great importance in order to protect natural teeth and prevent natural tooth loss. In case of damage, inflammation and loss of vitality of the living tissues in the tooth root canals and the pulp in which the nerves of the tooth are located, the pulp is removed during the root canal treatment. After the pulp is removed, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled. As Clinicas Estrella, we prevent the loss of natural teeth of our patients when we encounter pulp damage that occurs in cases such as cracked teeth, impacts or deep caries in the teeth. With our experienced Endodontics specialists, we perform your root canal treatment and make the damaged teeth usable. Thus, we prevent abscess formations that can be caused by damaged pulp, improve jawbone health and protect the chewing functions of our patients.

Estella Estetik | Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is called root canal treatment to repair and save teeth that are seriously decayed or infected. During root canal treatment, the pulp and nerves are removed and the inner part of the tooth is cleaned and filled. The tissues and bones surrounding the root canal treatment are prevented from being infected and damaged.

In Which Situations Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Root canal treatment offers a great advantage for the preservation of natural teeth. After the root canal treatment performed by experienced specialists, patients can use their repaired teeth for life if they do not neglect their oral care. Conditions that require root canal treatment can be summarized as follows:

feeling of pain in the tooth,
Pain formations for which painkillers are insufficient,
Hot and cold sensitivity,
Swelling in the surrounding tissues of the problematic tooth,
Color change in the tooth

As Clinicas Estrella, we prioritize the comfort and health of our patients; We apply the most advanced techniques with our expert staff. To get more detailed information about our root canal treatments, you can contact us and make an appointment with our specialists.

How make is root treatment?

Endodontics, namely root canal treatment, is a treatment method consisting of more than one stage. Before starting the procedure, first of all, the problematic tooth should be identified by radiography. The tooth and surrounding tissues with root damage are anesthetized with local anesthesia, then the tooth to be treated is isolated from the surrounding tissues.

The endodontic cavity is prepared in the root canals of the tooth, the working length of the canal is determined, the cavity formed after the pulp is removed is shaped, cleaned and the root canals are filled without leakage.

Root canal treatment can be completed in a single session or in two sessions, if the procedure is to be performed in two sessions, temporary eastern application is applied.

Estella Estetik | Root Canal Treatment Why is it so preferred?


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Transaction Summary

Processing Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia – General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 day
Time to Return to Work: 4 days

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