Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry practices are of great importance in order to closely monitor the development of children's dental health and to improve their oral health in the process from the time the milk teeth start to show themselves until the emergence of permanent teeth. Milk teeth can be damaged more easily and decay more quickly due to the high amount of organic compounds they contain. Milk teeth that become dysfunctional before their time in childhood may cause problems in the sequence of teeth in the future. Here, the main purpose of pediatric dentistry treatments is to raise awareness of dental health, to carry out routine controls, and to reduce the possibility of children having problems with oral and dental health in the coming years. As Clinicas Estrella Clinic, we prepare predictive treatment plans to improve the oral and dental health of our children. We closely monitor the jaw and tooth development of children, analyze the condition of milk teeth with routine examinations, and take protective measures to protect children's chewing and speech functions. We make healthy tomorrows possible by treating our children who require special attention in our clinic.

Estella Estetik | Pediatric Dentistry

The Importance of Regular Checkups in Pediatric Dentistry

Early diagnosis ensures the implementation of early treatment processes. Regular check-ups, which should be carried out every 6 months in pediatric dentistry, are of great importance in order to diagnose changes that may put children's oral and dental health at risk in the early period. Awareness of oral and dental health in children can be achieved through regular controls as well as the elimination and prevention of risks.

Pediatric Dentistry Practices

Pediatric dentistry practices are used to improve the oral and dental health of children aged 0-14.

  • Restoring dental caries with fillings and dental crowns,
  • Treatment in cases where milk teeth or permanent teeth cause infection,
  • Making a placeholder for the milk teeth that fall out in the early period,
  • Anti-corrosion applications,
  • Restoration of fractures caused by trauma to the tooth,
  • Follow-up and prevention of tooth eruption disorders,
  • In case of structural defect in the jaw or permanent teeth, the application of orthodontic treatments can be given as an example of the treatments in the field of dentistry.

As Clinicas Estrella, we aim to contribute to raising healthy and conscious generations. We diagnose problems that have the potential to put our children's oral and dental health at risk in the coming years, and apply the necessary treatments. Thus, we can prevent functional problems related to tooth loss in children and improve dental health.


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Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia – General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 day
Time to Return to Work: 4 days

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