Almond Eye

The eyes generate dire impact in the aspect of individual obtained characteristic appearance of human visage. Especially, possessing attractive looks take place most commonly spots aesthetically by women and men. While, the under eyes need to own healthy appearance, by being possessed the plumb and almond-eye is also became one of the most significance piece for beauty during last years. For this reason, the almond eye aesthetic is succeeded to becoming prominent surgery between beauty and aesthetic operations. In a very practical way, aesthetic almond eye surgery can be defined as an aesthetic implementation to make the eye more slanted. Thus, the eyes integrate with better look and the outer line of eye hangs upwards. It helps out to ensuring most attractive expression and profound look on this way.

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How does it made the almond eye aesthetic ?

Because of this is surgical procedure , It is must to be carried out by surgeon. Although it varies from person to person, it is observed that the gaze expressions of the patients are mostly changed in this surgical operation in which is usually performed with local anaesthesia.

First of all, In order to carry out the surgical operation, it opens incision on the upper and outer side of eyes. Afterwards, the area which was opened, bringing in to the constant position by hanging up to the outer wall of orbital via special thread. If the patient has droopy eyelid it could be led to the tired expression. For that reason, the operation once it ended , it comes with huge difference obtaining. At the same time, those procedures such as brow lift and eyelid aesthetic could be performed.

Who could be suitable candidate to performing Almond Eye Aesthetic ?

The fact that the operation currently preferring by celebrities , but , particularly, it prefers by those who are below mid ages. According to the statics, this operation could be applied any age groups in order to address to each person's perception.

Fundamentally, the counselee is essential to be suitable for the almond eye operation as facial and eye structures aesthetically, in order to performing this operation. Actually, it is the operation which prefers by people are dealing with low eye structure that can advance better with surgeon thanks to the advices provided by him/her.

Eye types after the almond eye aesthetic

Before the patient received the operation , surgeon examines the consistency of eye structure and surrounded tissues on the patients. If the result will be determined with the surgical request of the patient, if it will unveil unprecedented outcome the patient will get, It decides to carry out the operation which will form the most compatible result for the patient. For that reason, the eye types might indicate differences according to how much it is pulled the patient's brows and eyelids after the operation. Generally, in order to revealing the ultimate shape of the pattern, the exact proportion determines by applying the eye pulling procedure before surgery.

It plans in terms of the harmony between brow, eyelid and most particularly to the expectation of patient. That's because, the almond eye commonly seen on the cats , this operation also known as cat eye aesthetic. On the result of the operation which has been determined the eye structure it reveals attractive gazes naturally. Especially, on the women , it has observed mesmerised appearance in comparison of men appearance.

Estella Estetik | Almond Eye Why is it so preferred?


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Estella Estetik | Almond Eye Why is it so preferred?

Are There Any Side Effects and Harms of Almond Eye Aesthetics?

As is known, the operation has not caused any damage to date. As for side effects, some points should be considered for a short time after the operation. Before the operation, it is examined whether there is any objectionable health condition. 

After the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points. Since redness and swelling will occur for a certain period of time after the procedure, some gel medications are used. It is preferred to use baby shampoo in the use of shampoo. As a result of the operation, there are usually no problems such as pain or aches. All the simple problems that arise will lose their effect in approximately 4-5 days. After the completion of the operation, it will be possible to return to business and social life approximately 1 week later. 

How Long Does Almond Eye Aesthetic Surgery Take?

The surgical operation to be performed is completed within 30 minutes on average. However, if aesthetics is requested on the upper eyelid together with Almond Eye, a total of 45-60 minutes is sufficient. 

Does Facial Expression Change After Almond Eye Aesthetics?

The first purpose requested before the operation is known as changing the facial expression of the person. For this reason, a more rested and lively image is obtained with the changing facial expression.

What are those affect on social life ?

Generally, make-up works are performed in order to cover the low eye appearance in people who do not undergo surgery. People who do not have low eyes prefer these applications to get more depth in their gaze. Although it is a plastic surgery operation that is very difficult to be noticed from the outside, it will be possible to encounter a different beauty in your social life and surroundings after the operation. More confidence in social life can be achieved by expressing a more vigorous and lively expression instead of the tired and sleepy expression caused by the low eye structure.  

Procedure Summary

Processing Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia – General Anesthesia
Duration of Hospitalization: 1 Day
Time to Return to Work: 4 days

Frequently Asked Questions

In the result of this operation is being made in well look clinic by aesthetic surgeons , it is averagely 10 years long permanency the patient could be obtained. Also, this procedure could be redoing after the inconvenience.

In the realisation of the procedure, the patient's examination results and the demands of the patients constitute an important structure rather than gender in terms of surgical operation. In this context, the operation can also be performed in a suitable way for men. 

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